In terms of RENTING your property..

What we do..

  • Advertise on the internet
  • Arrange qualified viewings
  • Credit and employment checks
  • Draw the Lease.
  • Collect the deposit & 1st month rent.

What you do..

  • Photograph the property
  • Show the property to pre-qualified prospects.
  • Sign the Lease.
  • Hand over the keys.
  • Manage the ongoing collections, payments and other items.


  • Peace of mind.
  • Qualified tenant
  • Reduced risk.

Our fee..

Our fee is 4% (four percent and no Vat) of the annual rental.

An example of Finders Fee..

Rent               Normal agency (approx)       Our fee        Your saving

R8,000                     R9,200                              R3,840           R5,360

R10,000                  R11,500                            R4,800            R6,700

R12,000                  R13,800                            R5,760            R8,040


To Rent

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