Rental guide

As a property owner, you hope that your rental property will be a lucrative investment with only minor issues, but your job isn’t done once the lease is signed. You are responsible for providing tenants with a safe and clean living space, and in some cases, you must quickly address issues that negatively impact your tenants’ quality of life. Maintaining your property doesn’t just help the tenant — it also preserves your investment.

Choosing Emess Realty to manage your investment allows you to completely relax. You never have to worry.  Choosing Emess Realty creates a professional distance between you and the tenant and means you can avoid having to deal with all the bad bits that sometimes cause sleepless nights.

We offer 2 choices namely:

Find Mandate – We find and qualify a tenant and you take over once the tenant takes occupation.

Manage Mandate  – We collect rent and manage the monthly collections and payments.

The choice is yours. We can do either or both.

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