In terms of  SELLING  your property..

What we do..

  • We use technology extensively.
  • The massive savings are passed on to you.
  • We supply a professional valuation, at no cost.
  • We advertise the property on the internet.images
  • We arrange viewings.
  • We supply all the necessary documentation.
  • We negotiate the Offer on your behalf.
  • We present the Offer to Purchase.
  • We obtain signatures from both parties.
  • We assist with bond application (if required).

What you do..

  • Provide photos of the property.
  • Show pre-qualified buyers around the property.
  • Sign the Offer.
  • Hand over the keys.


  • Satisfied Buyer and Seller.
  • Stress  vastly reduced.
  • Massive savings to all.

Our fee..

  • A simple 3% (no vat).
  • No upfront fees whatsoever.

As an example..

Sold for             Normal     Our fee           Saving  

R1,000,000             R80,500            R30,000             R50,000 

R1,500,000             R120,750          R45,000             R75,750   

R2,000,000             R161,000          R60,000             R101,000

This equates to an unbelievable 62% approximate  saving, no matter what price the property is sold for.

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