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Market Value..

Market Value is that value realized when a product is introduced into the market as a normal sale and is consumed within a reasonable amount of time. Therefore the market value is partly a function of time. The best chance of selling your property is during the first four weeks. Studies show that the longer a property stays on the market the less the seller will net.

Interestingly, your first offer is often the best offer.
It is very important that you price your property at a competitive level at the signing of the marketing agreement. The current market is so competitive that even a few thousand Rand can make a difference. Here are some reasons for pricing your property correctly from the start.

An Overpriced property..
  • Minimises offers
  • Limits qualified buyers
  • Reduces showings
  • Reduces agents response
  • Limits financing ( Banks do not find value)
  • Wastes advertising expenditure

Pricing Correctly..

  • Creates the impression of good value
  • Gives maximum exposure
  • Marketing period is minimised
  • Least disruption
  • Increased advertising response
  • Results in shorter turn around time
  • Stimulates buyer interest
  • Exposure to more buyers during the crucial 3 weeks

Pricing to Sell..

  • Improves the marketability of a property
  • Price is the most important negotiating factor to seller and buyer
  • The negotiated price compensates for the property’s shortfalls
  • Price creates interest and interest sells houses
  • The initial marketing time is crucial
  • Choose your agent on competence not on “promised” price
  • Buyers buy on comparison and elimination
  • Buyers compare price and value
  • Seller maintains the negotiating advantage when price is right
  • There is only one chance to make an impression on the buyer
  • Don’t eliminate buyers before they look.

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